Steel Structure

Structural Steel Building: Airports, Exhibition Halls, High-rise Buildings

STP&I has fabricated and supplied steel structure for commercial buildings including high-rise office towers, hotels and convention centers.

The steel used for these types of structures often takes more of an unusual shape. For the high-rise buildings, large build-up sections are considered with heavy use of automatic welding. STP&I 's complete major international and domestic projects include Terminal Building, Suvarnabhumi Airport - Thailand, Chubu International Airport - Japan, North East Tower - Hong Kong's tallest building with 88 floors (399m), Roppongi - Tokyo's building with the largest area, Moscone Exhibition Center - USA and New Doha International Airport-Qatar.

Industrial Plants: Factories, Automobile plants, Steel Mills

Power Plants: Boiler Structure, Turbine Buildings, Equipment Support Structure

These structures carry the loads of the process equipment, piping and ancillary equipment. Not only has STP&I supplied steel structure && General Steel work to most of the existed Power Plants in Thailand, we have also exported our products to other countries around the world.

Petrochemical Plants: Refinery, Gas Separation Plant, Aromatic Plant

On certain structures, the quality control of shop drawings and fabrication becomes extremely critical to ensure that all items perfectly fit when erected at site. It may be necessary to perform trial assembly for certain sections to ensure the quality of fit-up at site.

STP&I has shared, at least, a part of the fabrication work in most of the Refinery Plants in both Thailand and overseas including SHELL, ESSO, Thai Oil, and Star Petroleum.

Bridge: Built-in Cable Anchor Structural Deck, Main Structures, Decking for Cable Stay Bridge, Flyovers, Pipe Bridges Jetties

STP&I continues to work with domestic and overseas infrastructure projects, particularly in the transport sector with the development of different transport systems such as Subway, Flyover Bridge and Cable Stay Bridge.

The structures fabricated for roads, bridges, and tunnels require large built-up box sections, and temporary supported steel that is specially designed to support the construction methodology.

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