With experiences in assembly, mechanical equipment installation and erection, STP&I could perform the great various construction works, generally for the same classification of projects for which they pre-fabricate. This is advantageous for clients as it removes any interface problems between Fabricators and Erector when a project includes many disciplines each requiring pre-fabrication and erection. Therefore, it can be performed by one company, STP&I.


Plant Construction

STP&I offer Project Construction for a wide range of projects, primarily for heavy industry, process plants, refineries, power plants and major infrastructure development such as bridges.


Module Construction

STP&I offer Module Construction for a variety of projects primarily for the Off-Shore Oil and Gas Industry and for the Petrochemical/Refinery Industry. Modules can be built for exporting to projects on or off-shore and for the home market at or near to the project sites.

Construction Support Services

When STP&I provide a detail design, supply and fabrication service and deliver the items to a designated point, the construction activities then become the responsibility of another subcontractor.

However, STP&I will provide personnel attendance at the construction site through the unpacking and erection period for inspection and advice during this construction phase.

This will help to eliminate misunderstandings and complications at site and assists the client to have a smooth erection sequence. The personnel provided generally have an engineering background as well as site experience so that technical matters can also be addressed.