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LCB Yard Passed 3 MH


STP&I Laem Chabang Assembly Yard has passed the 3 million hour mark without a lost time case for Woodside Pluto LNG Project on Thursday August 7th 2008 among pleasure of more than 3,000 workers.

For nine months, the project carried out without an injury that prevents a person from returning to work on the follow shift. There seemed to be the result of the unity of entire work forces.

"All of us come to work with the same objective. First is to be happy when we are working. Another is to achieve the goal of the Project with safety. However, the 3 million hour is only the first step to reach for next steps. Therefore we have to cooperate for success the superior purpose." said Mr. Choavalit Limpanich, the Project Director of Woodside Pluto Project.

The grand celebration to reward and encourage for all work forces was held on 4th September with pleasant and warm. All workmen could enjoy dinning, watching the shows and drawing lots for getting various gifts.