STP&I Annual Report 2017 

Continuous Development for Customer Satisfaction and Business Sustainability

The board committee and I remain adamant in company development, both in the main and two new businesses with consideration and precaution on the basis of business ethics and corporate governance. As the Managing Director, I would like to extend our gratitude to our shareholders, customers, trading partners, and all stakeholders including domestics and foreign financial institutes that have provided tremendous support to the operations of STP&I. May I also offer our appreciation to all directors and employees who have been carrying on their work with great efforts, perseverance, and hard work altogether and contribute to the development of the company’s stability and sustainability for maximum benefit for all stakeholders.

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STP&I Annual Report 2016 

Strong & Sustainable Business Potential

To build sustainable growth amidst the current domestic and international challenges, recession from the fluctuation of oil price in the global market affecting economic situations and construction industry relating to energy sector and the auction postponement of some projects and more intense business competitions are the issues that the Board of executives and I realize and we have started to review short-term and long-term strategies and to improve operation processes so that the Company can grow continuously based on the corporate governance. Its highest aim is to provide appropriate returns to shareholders and stakeholders.

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STP&I Annual Report 2015 

The Success of Customers' Highest Satisfaction

STP&I Public Company Limited are recognized the world over as operating a business in respect of the construction and exporting of modular steel structures intended for the overseas market and in particularly the Modular Steel Structures are delivered to the energy sector which comprises of gas separation plants, oil refinery plants, power plants and more importantly LNG Plants in the Southern Hemisphere.


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STP&I Annual Report 2014 

The Board of Directors, management and employees will strive to their ambition to be the competitive leader in steel fabrication and module construction business with a sustainable growth. STP&I continually adheres to targets and principles of business conduct throughout its 40 years in “delivering high quality work in a timely manner within the proper cost and safe working environment”. In addition, the Company emphasized on creating Corporate Governance by implementing the principles of good corporate governance which include code of conduct, corporate social responsibility and anti-corruption policy with the aim to standardize the organization for sustainable growth.

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STP&I Annual Report 2013 

STP&I has delivered projects successfully and as committed by the Company. Regarding the module export project for the LNG Onshore Facilities, which is the largest project ever undertaken by the Company, the work has progressed well in the preparation of engineering drawings and procurement of materials etc. Moreover, in 2013 we have focused on active recruitment, production area expansion, investment in necessary tools and machinery, and increasing the size of working team, both at the engineer level and skilled labor level, in order to be prepared for this important project. In addition, we will constantly dedicate our efforts and abilities to accomplish all operations in accordance with the Company’s goals and objectives. The most important issue is work safety of which we are proud in that the Company has been able to maintain the statistics of zero loss time injury throughout the operation of the previous year up to the date of this report.

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STP&I Annual Report 2012 

The company has been awarded the module assembly project for LNG Onshore Facilities which to date, accounts for the largest project the company has ever undertaken. The prefabrication of the modular components will be fabricated and assembled in Thailand before being shipped to Australia for final installation into the LNG Onshore Facilities. With the project worth 9 million, the Company has gained the highest volume of workload in its history; thus, driving a continued growth of the company for the next 3 years.

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STP&I Annual Report 2011 

The economic downturn in 2010 and 2011 has impacted STP&I Public Company Limited in term of the delay in large-scale project investment which caused an interrupted workload in 2011. Thus, in addition to "lessons learned" in efficiency improvement of project management and work process which has been emphasized in the past years, this year the Company gives importance to marketing and business continuity management by keeping up to date with information and customer position to analyze and plan preventions and corrections to mitigate such risk and also prepare for Oil and Gas business expansion in the next 8 to 10 years.

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STP&I Annual Report 2010 

During the 2010 period, the Management and the Company placed great emphasis on "lessons learned" from previous projects. Such "lessons learnt" included analysis, study, corrections and teaching such lessons to all levels of staff through internal training. The "lessons learned" have allowed the creation of a data base, improved working processes, professional project management all of which will be applied to future projects to ensure delivery of high standards of service thus ensuring maximum satisfaction to our customers.

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STP&I Annual Report 2009 

Through the increase in the market share of high value added businesses namely piping and module fabrication works since 2008, we have acheived the highest records of sales, profit and shareholder's equity in our 35-year history. The abounding groeth and success can be attributed to the right marketing strategies and the strong commitment of management and staff to enhance product development, resource management and teamwork; all focusing on the ultimate goal of timely delivery of quality products and services for maximum customer satisfaction.

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STP&I Annual Report 2008 

Year 2008 was the most successful year in STP&I Public Company Limited's history. This is reflected by the outstanding growth of the operating results as compared to previous years and the successful client response to the expansion and growth of company with the investment in the plant and equipment.

Other contributions to the success of STP&I were the commitment to enhanced product development, resource management and teamwork, all focusing on the important goal of maximum customer satisfaction with a reasonable benefit to the company.

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STP&I Annual Report 2007  

Along our way, we have also seen a lot of growth opportunities for the company. In order to continue our success and capture those potentials, we realize the importance of improving the quality of our products and services in order to maintain our position as a premium player in the steel fabrication and construction industries as well as expand our market share into the international markets.

Our uncompromising target is to achieve highest customer satisfaction while maximizing benefits to the company.

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STP&I Annual Report 2006 

2006 was the most significant and successful year ever for STP&I Public Company Limited. The company's net profit hit all-time high of 245 Million Baht, a 40% sharp increase from 2005. This was a result from changing Corporate Strategy in penetrating "Module Construction" market, a high value product.

This is the new construction concept which reduces construction cost and time comparing other conventional site construction.

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STP&I Annual Report 2005  

Fiscal year 2005 was another successful year for STP&I Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries. As a result, STP&I achieved the net profit performance of Baht 147 million, increased by 398% from year 2004.

Our success in 2005 derived from the economic expansion throughout the Kingdom, the market penetration to high valued-added products, strong networking and bussiness alliances.

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STP&I Annual Report 2004  

The year 2004 was a successful year for STP&I, with the company achieving its strategic goals for setting up Clough Sino-Thai Company Limited. Clough Sino-Thai is joinly owned by STP&I and Australia's Clough (Thailand) Limited and was formed to response to the growing need for oil & gas focused fabrications in the Southeast Asia region.

STP&I has gained more experience on high value added works, and become the strongest organization in the fabrication business.

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STP&I Annual Report 2003 

STP&I has played an important role in the steel fabrication business, approximately 800 million Baht over at least 20 projects.

These include the main terminal and hangar of Suvarnabhumi Airport, the main terminal of Chubu Airport in Japan, Naoshima Power Plant in Japan, Piping and Refinery Plant in Papua New Guniue, Launching Girder for Industrial Ring Road (IRR)

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